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Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi fuel stoves always bring warmth and life to any room. There is nothing like the atmosphere brought by a real fire crackling away.

Choosing the right stove and accessories is not always easy though and we are here to help with that. Craven Stoves are Hetas Registered Stove Installers and Suppliers covering Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales.

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Craven Arms
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We have over 6 years of experience in installing stoves and can advise on all of the following:

Following Current Regulations
Health and Safety
Correct Flue for Your Chimney
Correct Stove Size for your Room
Extra Heat Saving Products
Emissions Reduction Advice
Log Burner In The Evening With Pets
We Install So You Don’t Have To

Multi Fuel Stove Installation

There is so much more to installing a stove than buying the log burner you like. Wood burners are usually quite heavy and flues can be awkward to install into a chimney.

Craven Stoves install multi fuel stoves, log burners or wood burners. We will help you choose the right stove for your room and suggest other ways you can get the most from your fuel.

Maximise Stove Performance

Stoves, Accessories and Heat Conservation Devices

We supply multi-fuel stoves, flues and other stove accessories you need to get the most heat from your stove and to be sure it operates safely.

Not sure which is the right stove for your room or which accessories are best for you? Why not give us a call or fill in the contact form below. We are happy to talk to you.

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Stove Insurance Quote
Luton, Herefordshire
When Insurers Are Involved

Insurance Work

A badly installed stove can cause fire damage to your property. For other reasons too, a repair to your stove may be subject to an insurance claim.

Craven Stoves are happy to provide a quote to your insurers for us to repair and make good any damage caused. We will also advise whether your existing stove can be repaired or whether it needs to be replaced.

Improved Stove Life

Multi Fuel Stove Repair & Maintenance

A multi fuel stove is a fantastic investment because it will last you for years. It may be though that your stove is looking a little tired after a few years, the glass no longer like new and a few gaps appear in the rope.

Before you buy a whole new stove contact us for a quote for repair, maintenance or a complete overhaul. This means fewer demands on both your pocket and the environment.

Kitchen Log Burner
Clunbury Clearview
Stoves for Canal Boats and Leisure
In Small Spaces

Canal Boat and Leisure Accommodation

Nothing says cosy like a real fire when you are on holiday. A stove can make your holiday accommodation more welcoming In the same way it does in your home. At Craven Stoves we are experienced in installing stoves in boats, shepherds huts and log cabins

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Sweep

An integral part of stove maintenance is chimney maintenance, ie chimney sweeping. We recommend this is undertaken regularly to prevent chimney fires.

Regular chimney sweeping also ensures the most economical fuel use as the air flows properly and reduces the chance of smoke blowing into your room. Essential on open fires.

Berwick House 15.5m Chimney
There’s Nothing Like A Real Fire

Did you know a real fire heats your house in a completely different way to central heating?


Coming home after an afternoon walk or a tough day’s work and chilling out by your fire, listening to it crackling away, watching the flames dance around, adding a warm light to your room.

Working From Home

When you are working from home a stove is great company. It doesn’t need much fuel but when it does, that’s a good reason to leave your chair and stretch your legs.

Cool Summer Evenings

In the summer add a little warmth with a fire in your living room. No need to put the central heating on and overheat the house.


Our happy customers

Log Burner Craven Arms

Just thought I’d let you know that I received the Hetas certificate this week and just want to say, thank you so much, I’m really pleased with the whole service and work you did, and can’t wait for the colder evenings to be sat in front of the fire keeping warm. Here are a few pictures with all the painting done with the cats and dog enjoying the fire along with the family.

Thank you again

Gail (Craven Arms)

Thank you so much Nick for replacing our old open fire for a beautiful wood burner and all in time before our baby arrived! We were very warm and cosy over the winter and we did not burn as half as much wood as we used to. The work you undertook was very professional and with your advice on the type of wood burner, mantlepiece and hearth, we now have the cosy living room we have wished for since moving in 7 years ago!

Ffion (Wistanstow)

Nick helped and advised us all the way through our multifuel stove installation, a trip out to help with removing the old back boiler and draining it down, opening the fireplace up and lining and plastering to accept our new stove, repairing the chimney and fitting the flue, installing the hearth and commissioning the stove. Nick is a gentleman and a pleasure to have around. Thanks for a great job and all your help Nick!

Nathan (Craven Arms)

Performance Improvement Devices


Maximise Fuel Use

We recently installed a Recoheat device into a multi fuel stove in Shropshire.

Watch the video to see how we were able to help our customers make the most of their fuel, continuing to provide heat long after the fire had finished burning.

Professional Stove Installer

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The Right Stove
Correct Installation
Improved Performance

Before You Buy A Stove

Speak to us. We make sure you get the right stove for your property.

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Fill in the attached contact form or get in touch with us to request the correct stove for your property.

We also help you choose the correct flue and heat saving accessories, saving you fuel and money.

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We find the right stove for your property and ensure you get the most heat from the fuel you use.


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