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Your stove installer needs to be someone you trust so that you can have confidence in the safety of your installation. Installation of a stove requires knowledge of all health and safety procedures. They also need to know how to choose the optimum stove for your room and how to improve the performance of your stove.

I, Nicholas Hutchinson, have over seven years of experience as a stove installer, both in the Cheshire / Shropshire / North Wales location and also previously when living in Kent.

Serious About Stove Installation

I take stove installation very seriously. It is really important to me that customers have the right stove for their property. This is because having the right stove can make all the difference to the amount of fuel used, the warmth and cosiness of the property and also the safety of the building.

My aim is to make sure all customers are really happy with their stove installation. I want you to know how to use your stove and get the most heat possible from it. This is so that you can enjoy a warm cosy environment whenever you like without turning on the central heating.

Not only that I also have a workshop to refurbish stoves. Sometimes what is required is new bricks, new glass, new ropes, respraying and rust removal so that your stove looks and works like new again.

Trusted Stove Installer

I am also a Hetas registered stove installer and always provide you with a Hetas certificate at the end of your installation. This means you can trust your multi fuel stove. It also helps with the sale of any property as you are able to provide the proper certification.

Experienced Climber

Working at heights is also required when installing the flue, and fitting the chimney.

I use a unique way of accessing your chimney. I am an experienced climber and use harnesses and ropes to safely gain access to your chimney. Therefore, scaffolding is sometimes not necessary.

I really enjoy climbing in my spare time and most weekends I am using my climbing gear to ascend well-known mountains.

Since moving close to North Wales I have really enjoyed being a lot closer to some great mountains.

Professional Stove Installer

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