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Why Use A Professional Multi Fuel Stove Installer?

You may think it is possible to buy a multi-fuel stove and install it yourself. However, there are good reasons for the government providing strong guidelines around multi-fuel stove installation. Every chimney and property is different and therefore may need a different flue size or installation.

Multi fuel stove installation
Increased Efficiency

High Quality Stove Installation

Your stove always takes centre stage in your room, therefore it is important that everything is finished to a high standard. You can be sure that at Craven Stoves we take pride in the quality of installation so that your stove really adds to the beauty of your room.

We also ensure you have the best stove and accessories so that your log burner works at maximum efficiency.

Log Burner Installation to Government Guidelines

For the safety of the people in your property, the government regulations touch on matters such as the distance of your stove from walls and other objects around it, the distance of your stove from a carpet or other flooring, or the type of flue required for your property.

Craven Stoves are Hetas registered stove installers and stay up to date with all current regulations and health and safety advice.

Quote For Multi Fuel Stove Installation

We provide a free quote for the installation of your stove. Call us on 07493 766634 or email us at We will be pleased to speak to you and provide our expert advice.


Our happy customers

Log Burner Craven Arms

Just thought I’d let you know that I received the Hetas certificate this week and just want to say, thank you so much, I’m really pleased with the whole service and work you did, and can’t wait for the colder evenings to be sat in front of the fire keeping warm. Here are a few pictures with all the painting done with the cats and dog enjoying the fire along with the family.

Thank you again

Gail (Craven Arms)

Thank you so much Nick for replacing our old open fire for a beautiful wood burner and all in time before our baby arrived! We were very warm and cosy over the winter and we did not burn as half as much wood as we used to. The work you undertook was very professional and with your advice on the type of wood burner, mantlepiece and hearth, we now have the cosy living room we have wished for since moving in 7 years ago!

Ffion (Wistanstow)

Nick helped and advised us all the way through our multifuel stove installation, a trip out to help with removing the old back boiler and draining it down, opening the fireplace up and lining and plastering to accept our new stove, repairing the chimney and fitting the flue, installing the hearth and commissioning the stove. Nick is a gentleman and a pleasure to have around. Thanks for a great job and all your help Nick!

Nathan (Craven Arms)

Face To Face

We are always happy to talk to you about the best stove to meet your needs.

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A number of the log burners we sell can be seen in a unit that is part of Welshpool Town Hall. You can view the stoves any day of the week, but on a Saturday pop by and speak to Nicholas in person.

Reconditioned Multi Fuel Stoves

You can also see a few of the wood burners / stoves we have restored and reconditioned.

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Speak to us. We make sure you get the right stove for your property.

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We also help you choose the correct flue and heat saving accessories, saving you fuel and money.

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